Preston Hollow
Where is Preston Hollow? It depends on who you talk to. There is Preston Hollow and there is Old Preston Hollow. Before 1945 Preston Hollow was its own municipality, but that year residents voted to join the city of Dallas. Old Preston Hollow is generally referred to the area of Dallas in which some of the wealthiest residents live typically on estate sized lots, an acre or better.

Many would define Preston Hollow as the area north of Northwest Highway even as far as Forest Ln. and east of Preston Rd. all the way to Central Expressway. Within Old Preston Hollow are some of the most expensive homes not only in Dallas, but also in Texas. Additionally, many homes have been torn down to build McMansions.

For many years appreciation in this area received double digit increases from year to year. Although the area is served by the Dallas Independent School District, many of the residents choose the numerous private schools in the area. Tuition ranging from $6000 to $24,000. What is appealing about the area is the proximity to downtown Dallas, premier shopping centers, the arts district, a variety of major thoroughfares, and some of the best dining venues in Dallas.