Surprising Approaches to Boost Brain Power

On February 12th, I saw a wonderful presentation on improving your brain’s executive function and working memory at the Center for Brain Health, 2200 W. Mockingbird Lane in Dallas.

The featured speaker was Dr. Adele Diamond, PhD, Canada Research Chair, Professor of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Diamond’s groundbreaking discoveries have improved the medical treatment for two disorders (ADHD and PKU) and impacted education worldwide, improving millions of children’s lives.

The focus of her talk was “Surprising Approaches to Boost Brain Power for You and Your Kids.” The biggest takeaway was Dr. Diamond’s advice on how to reduce stress to improve brain function. Mind/body-based movements found in Tai Chi, Taekwondo or Meditation are nonjudgemental and are therefore helpful in reducing stress.

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