Turtle Creek
Uptown, just north of downtown Dallas, is a dense, mixed-use neighborhood that invites walking. Although it is one of Dallas’s earliest settlement, redevelopment fostered a mix of new and old.

The vintage streetcars of the McKinney Avenue Trolley provide a free tour and connect to modern light rail transit. Historic St. Thomas features wood frame houses restored to their early-20th-century grandeur. Antique brick crosswalks and for Dallas’s oldest burial grounds add to the unique flavor.

At the same time, high-rise residents such as La Tour, The Mondrian, Gables Uptown Tower and 1999 McKinney offer ownership and rental options, and typically include fitness centers and shops.

Hundreds of fine dining and nightlife venues are within walking or trolley distance. The West Village shopping center has trendy decorative stores and fashion retailers, as well as an art house movie theater and including various housing venues.